Woodchucks are some of the best excavators around. They can easily dig up to 5-feet per day, have multiple entrances and cause very costly problems. A single woodchuck can eat thousands of dollars worth of ornamental plants in a very short period of time. They will clean out a vegetable garden quicker than you can pick them. The most troublesome thing about the woodchuck cannot even be noticed right away. Their tunnels can collapse driveways, pools and even undermine foundations. One den was big enough to stand up inside when the ground collapsed. They are most active early in the day and in late afternoon and early evening, the rest of the day they spend digging. On one tunnel in the middle of the city we popped a green smoke grenade and blew it into the hole and the smoke came up almost a quarter of a mile away.

The female woodchuck will have 1 litter a year and up to 10 baby woodchuck but that is rare. the litter size is around 6. When they are just starting to come out of the den with the mother woodchuck they will walk around nose to butt, looking like a little brown train. Many people have tried to plug up the entrance(s) of the woodchuck tunnel only to find that they are dug out again soon after.

The only sure fire method for solving woodchuck problems is to trap them out and take them away.

Woodchuck Removal
We offer humane animal removal on all of our animal removal services. We provide woodchuck removal and woodchuck trap devices to trap woodchucks.