Opossums are nocturnal marsupials that are native to North America only. Although not terribly bothersome, Opossums will sometimes den up with skunks and large denning sites can have an offensive odor. They will eat anything they can fit into their mouth; anything at all. They can have up to 12 young at a time with the average around 6. The female gives birth to her young, which at this time, can fit into a teaspoon. The female then deposits them into her pouch where she will keep and nurse them until they are ready to come out and ride on her back. They are weaned at about 2 1/2 months.

The Opossum is not a very smart animal, the Opossums brain is about the size of the end of a human thumb. The term “playing possum” is actually false, the Opossum will actually go into shock when it is attacked. The Opossum has no real defense, when approached they will open their mouth and show their teeth which has given them the nickname “grinner”.

The biggest problem that Opossums cause is getting into trash cans that have no lid or exposed trash bags. larger denning sites of opossums can cause a fowl odor and they will sometimes den up with skunks.

Opossum Control
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