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Wildlife Removal in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont

New Hampshire Animal Damage Control is a family owned and operated business that specializes in all forms of wildlife removal. We are experts in the removal of flying squirrels and bats and offer unbeatable guarantees. When we take care of your wildlife removal problems, we are also taking care of you!

When wildlife keeps you up at night, or makes your life harder and more stressful, we will see to it that you can get back to your life without the wildlife. You will love our fast, friendly service with people that understand and care about your needs. We are a family owned and operated business, specializing in over 29 years of humane animal removal and wildlife removal services. We are professional and highly qualified to handle all of your wildlife removal needs.

When you have us take on your wildlife removal problem that is causing you to lose sleep or added stress in your life, you can feel confident we will not rest until that wildlife removal problem is solved. With more than 29 years of experience with trapping and working with all forms of wildlife, you will get a solution that best suites your needs. You can feel safe that our wildlife rehabilitators will take care of the baby and orphaned wildlife. Your wildlife conflict will be solved the best way possible. When you call with your wildlife removal problem, we can set up an appointment for an inspection or set up an emergency response.

The warranty we offer is better than any other company’s warranty. We offer a two year warranty on all of our bat and flying squirrel exclusion jobs. If they are going to get back in, it will be well within that 2 year time frame. If they do get back in, we will come back out at no charge, re-exclude them and then start the warranty all over again from the very beginning.

Some companies offer 10 yr warranty. Our warranty are even better than that. Too many things can go wrong with a warranty this long. You can have work done to your house that will void the warranty and in 10 years, the chances are good that you will have work done to your house. Many companies often sell out to new owners with no warranties from the previous owner being honored.