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Bat Removal - Exclusions & Removal in New Hampshire, Maine & Massachusetts

Bat Removal

Bats are one of the most feared animals on the north American continent. Here in the North East the two most common bats found in houses are the little brown bat and the big brown bat. believe it or not the bat is one of the most gentle creatures in the animal kingdom. it is our only flying mammal. The bat is not aggressive at all. Most wild animal mothers will kill, abandon or even consume their young when put under extreme stress, I have never heard of any bat following these traits.

Most people realize that they have bats when they hear the bats crawling in their walls or ceilings, Find bat droppings in their attic or around the outside of the house or they get a lost bat in the house.

Bats DO NOT cause structural damage to houses like mice, squirrels and all other rodents, Bats do not chew, they merely live in your house. The only damage that bats can do is the larger colonies of bats can have a build up of bat guano (poop) and most houses do not have colonies that large, some do but most do not. We can give you a price on any clean up costs if it is necessary.

One of the biggest fears that people have about bats is Rabies. Rabies is an acute virus that infects the central nervous system. Some states make it mandatory to get rabies shots if a bat was flying around your house and you cannot account for every second the bat was there or if you wake up and it was flying around. For more information about this we recommend Going to the website for the center for disease control http://www.cdc.gov/.

What we do is make an appointment for an inspection, when we arrive we will look for signs of bats and confirm that you do have bats living in your house and give you an exact price to exclude the bats and seal the house from the bats re entering your home and we put a 2 year guarantee that the bats will not get back in. If for some reason the bats do get back in we come back out and find out how the bats got back in, make the correction and then extend the guarantee an additional 2 years. When you pay for an exclusion, you pay one time and that is it. If you have work done to the outside of your house after the exclusion all you have to do is give us a call before the work is done so we can seal the the house back up afterwards, we do charge a fee for this, unless prior arrangements are made, but it is minimal and usually around the cost of our inspection fee.

Bat Exclusion

We offer bat exclusion in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island.